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Ticket Service Charge

Ticketing Deadline Control


The Ticket Deadline Control (TDC) process sets a TDC based on OS defined rules and detects if a ticket has not been issued after ticket time limit expires. The TDC is calculated in GMT. Only bookings with an OS segment (operating and marketing flight numbers) on the first outbound journey are considered. The adding date of the segment is considered to calculate the TDC, regardless of the status. If a PTA is issued the TDC will be calculated based on the location of the booking office (point of sale). Once a booking is created, the following warning message is sent to the PNR one hour after the transaction has ended.


Each time the booking changes, the system checks for ticket numbers or whether the TDC has changed.

Ticketing Deadline Rules for United States (10th of March 2008)


Booking Class                PNR Creation Bef Dep                TDC

C,D,Y,B                        more than 10 days                      10 days bef departure

C,D,Y,B                        10 days or less                            72 hrs after reservation

J,M                                 more than 21 days                     21 days bef departure

J,M                                21 days or less                           72 hrs after reservation

H,Q,V,W,S                    more than 90 days                      90 days bef departure

H,Q,V,W,S                    90 days or less                           72 hrs after reservation

E,K,L                             at any time                                   48 hrs after reservation

T                                    at any time                                   24 hrs after reservation

O                                   at any time                                    ticketing along with reservation


Local exceptions may apply, please refer directly to Austrian Airlines.