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The new one


The Europe seat by Austrian.

Designed to impress.......everyone.
You are all aware that flight passengers are diverse. Some of them are tall and some not, some like
to cuddle together while others prefer to keep their distance, and they come from all corners of the world.
But there is one thing they all have in common: They sit on flights.
So we searched for the ultimate seat to meet our passengers`needs - and we found it.
Here it is: the new one on board.
The Europe seat by Austrian Airlines. And on top of that: We also changed our cabins.

More space.

The seat´s curved, ergonomic design creates 5 centimeters of additional living space.
Which means more room for passengers to stretch out their legs and knees - and for even greater relaxation.

A good thing for the environement.

The intelligent design by Recaro means that the new Europe seat is not only highly functional but also features clear shapes and lines.
The new one on Board is also much leaner and lighter which means it´s environmentally friendly because it reduces fuel usage and therefore pollution.