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In this new reference we would like to make a collection of interesting facts about Austrian Airlines, Austrian aviation industry and Austria. Did you know that...

There is a lot to see in Vienna in 2015 - When the "Karajan-Platz" in Vienna turns into a ballroom
180 chairs are standing in Vienna. Not only somewhere and without purpose; no, there is one spectacle that will take place on the "Karajan-Platz", where these chairs have been placed. Opera is going to be present for everyone: On a big video wall, free of charge! Why not take part of this spectacle? It is one thing you should definitely include during your next city trip to Vienna. Thanks to the 150th anniversary of the Ringstrasse boulevard, Vienna’s most impressive 5.3 km long street with Vienna’s major monuments and parks, starts to glow. The 150th anniversary of the Ringstrasse is followed by various events and exhibitions. Vienna State Opera, located on this boulevard, decided to make a great and unforgettable experience out of it. Opera and ballet broadcasts can be followed on a big video wall on 50sqm area outside the Opera during April, May, June and in September as well. There will be about 80 performances in total, from Beethoven, Donizetti, Mozart and Puccini to Tschaikowski, Verdi, Wagner and many more. Each of them invites to an evening full of music, songs and emotions. Interested in visiting Vienna during these celebrations? Fly with Austrian Airlines to our beloved capital Vienna!

Vienna is again under the top ranked cities of the most liveable cities in 2014 - According to the Economist Intelligence Unit Vienna is ranked second of 140 cities worldwide and is the only European city under the first three. The index entails 30 factors related to things like safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and environment. Vienna is not only the most liveable city in Europe, it offers also a lot for tourists. Discover the cultural heart of Austria and enjoy the surrounding beautiful nature. Book your flight now!

Austrian Airlines is the European Service Champion - Austrian Airlines once again achieved top rankings in the renowned Skytrax - World Airline Awards 2014: In particular, the Austrian Airlines service on the ground and in the air was rewarded with a first place rating in the category "Best Airline Staff Service in Europe". In addition, Austrian Airlines was selected as one of the five best airlines in Europe. Austria's national carrier improved in comparison to last year's results, moving up one notch in the rankings from 6th to 5th place in Europe. "I am very proud of our team, and would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues on the ground and in the air for their outstanding performance", says Jaan Albrecht, CEO of Austrian Airlines. Read the whole press release here

First Austrian Airlines Flight to Newark - Starting July 2, Austrian Airlines is offering a further North American destination in its summer flight schedule. It will fly directly to Newark five times a week with a Boeing 767. Thus Austrian Airlines is offering up to two daily flights to New York in addition to its flight service each day to New York JFK. "With the new offering Austrian Airlines is now flying up to two times per day to the New York metropolitan area. Together with our partner United Airlines we will now be able to offer our passengers more than 120 transfer connections throughout North America in the future", says Austrian Airlines CCO Karsten Benz.

“Austrian Rock” conquers “Papa Echo” - Austrian extreme sportsman Franz Müllner, better-known as "The Austrian Rock", accomplished another world record: Using sheer muscle-power, he pulled the new Boeing 777 from Austrian Airlines, with an unladen weight of 142 tons, for a distance of 14.5 metres. Watch out the video clip

"Papa Echo" takes off two weeks earlier - On Monday, June 16, our new Boeing 777-200 OE-LPE takes off to its first passenger flight as a new member of the Austrian fleet. The Austrian Technik team managed to convert our new aircraft to the Austrian standard in record time. Thanks to this great achievement, the OE LPE can start service in the Austrian route network even two weeks earlier than planned. On 27th June, 2014 the aircraft will officially be named "Blue Danube".

OE-LPE already in Austrian "dress"
- On June 10, our B777 OE-LPE landed in Vienna after is has been painted in the Austrian colors in Manchester. Previously, the team of the Austrian Technik has done a great job to convert the aircraft to the Austrian standard. On June 27, we will officially welcome our new B777. From then on it will take off for our customers under the name "Blue Danube".

Africa comes closer - The first aircraft of our Star Alliance partner Ethiopian Airlines departing from Addis Ababa arrived at Vienna Airport on 2nd June at 5:50 a.m. The plane was welcomed by a water salute ceremony and a reception at the General Aviation Center. Guests of honor included CEO Jaan Albrecht, Julian Jäger, Member of the Management Board, Vienna Airport and representatives of Ethiopian Airlines. The “African Airline of the Year 2013“ Ethiopian Airlines willoperate Boeing 767-300 ER and Boeing 757 on the new route. Read more about the new connection to Africa here

Life Ball Guests Landed in Vienna on Austrian Airlines Flight
On May 30, at 9:38 a.m. the Austrian Airlines flight OS 088 from New York with a total of 261 passengers on board landed in Vienna. The guests included a number of stars such as Courtney Love (singer), Kesha (singer) and Marcia Cross (actress). The celebrities have travelled to Vienna accompanied by hair stylists, make-up artists and managers to ensure an unforgettable appearance at the Life Ball, an annual charity event. With the support of the Vienna Tourist Board, Austrian Airlines specially branded a Boeing 777 on the occasion of the Life Ball. This Boeing aircraft featuring the special Life Ball design has been in operation since April 1, 2014, flying to destinations such as Bangkok and Tokyo.
Austrian Airlines takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, and supports charitable and social organizations, institutions and projects with a global relevance. The Life Ball is one of the projects with which Austria's domestic carrier underlines its social commitment. Austrian Airlines colleagues are wearing red ribbons during this time as a sign of its solidarity. Austrian Airlines is pleased to be able to bring the prominent guests from New York to Vienna in the official Life Ball 2014 aircraft. Watch the video clip

First Anniversary of Flight Service to Chicago: 100,000 Passengers
On May 17, 2013, Austrian Airlines resumed its non-stop flight service from Vienna to Chicago as part of its long-haul offering. Since then, the route has turned into a major success: Austria's domestic carrier has transported 100,000 passengers on this route, achieving an average capacity utilization of 88%. This performance surpassed the initial expectations placed on the resumed flight service. Due to the strong demand in the first year, Austrian Airlines has expanded the number of flights into Chicago, and now flies directly from Vienna to Chicago on a daily basis instead of five times per week. Read the whole press release here

From 1st May 2014, our passengers can use their electronic devices during their entire stay on board
of all our flights, even during takeoff and landing. However, all transmission functions must remain deactivated and the device must be in flight mode. This new rule applies to smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other electronic devices up to 1 kilogram.

Austrian Airlines carried more than 2.2 million passengers in the first quarter of 2014. 

Austrian Airlines Takes Off with Life Ball Aircraft
Thanks to the financial support of the Vienna Tourist Board, Austrian Airlines has branded a Boeing 777 to mark the occasion of the Life Ball 2014. This Boeing aircraft featuring the special Life Ball design is flying around the world starting from April 1, 2014, including destinations such as Tokyo or Bangkok.
Austrian Airlines takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, and thus supports charitable and social organizations, institutions and projects with a global relevance. The Life Ball is one of the projects with which the Austria’s domestic carrier underlines its social commitment. Austrian Airlines is proud to be able to bring the prominent guests from New York to Vienna in the official Life Ball aircraft on May 30, 2014. Find more information here

Austrian’s summer timetable started along with the daylight saving time. Since Sunday, the 30th March, not only daylight saving time, but also our summer timetable has started. In summer, we will significantly expand our Intercontinental and European routes and thereby win more customers and continue to grow. Check our timetable right now!

Austrian Paralympic team brings home medals from Sochi. On Monday, 17th March our successful Austrian Paralympic team landed with OS2764 from Sochi in Vienna. The medalists Philipp Bonadimann (1 x silver), Matthias Lanzinger (2 x silver), Claudia Lösch (2 x silver), Roman Rabl (3 x bronze) and Markus Salcher (2 gold, 1 bronze) were welcomed by an official delegation, led by the Austrian sports minister Gerald Klug. Read the whole press release here

Our additional B777 OE-LPE arrived safely in Vienna during the night of 11th March. Capt. Manfred Samhaber and his crew transferred the aircraft from Manchester. There it was "stripped", as it is customary, which means the paint was almost completely removed. In Vienna, OE-LPE was eagerly awaited by many spotters. The aircraft will spend the next few weeks in our hangar, where it is converted to the Austrian standard by the Austrian Technik.

Austrian is the official carrier of the Austrian Olympic Team! We are very much honored to fly Austrian athletes, trainers, equipment and sports equipment to the Winter Olympic Games, which will take place from 7 to 23 February 2014 in the Russian city Sochi. Austrian will thus continue the tried-and-tested cooperation with the Austrian Olympic Committee (ÖOC) that has been in place for the past 21 years. "We are pleased to be able to rely on a reliable airline partner," said Karl Stoss, President of the ÖOC.

Austrian Airlines hires 280 new flight attendants in 2014. These new positions are related to the additional Boeing 777 long-haul aircraft which will expand the Austrian Airlines fleet as of summer 2014. Requirements for applicants include a high orientation to fulfill the outstanding quality standards of Austrian. "We look forward to receiving many applicants who are just as concerned with the enthusiasm of our customers as we are", says Vera Renner, Head of Cabin Operations. Check the whole press release here

At Stockholm-Arlanda airport, you can spend the night in a hostel which is one of a kind: the Jumbo-Hostel. 29 rooms, including two suites, one of them in the former cockpit, a terrace on the wing and a café in the former galley. Especially aircraft enthusiasts will enjoy an overnight in the decommissioned Boeing 747-200. The cheapest accommodation costs 25 euro, including breakfast and internet access.

Austrian Airlines aircraft are flying 190,047,000 km per year or 247 times to the moon and back.

Austrian retrofit warms people in need. The retrofit of Business Class has not only been a pleasant surprise for our passengers, but is now also helping Vienna’s homeless to get through winter. In the collection campaign for the charitable organization Gruft Austrian donated a total of five boxes of blankets and five boxes of body lotion from our former Business Class.

Austrian and the organization "Doc On Board - Emergency Medicine in the sky" have relaunched a collaborative program of training on-board doctors! The aviation-specific training takes place at our Training Center at Vienna Schwechat Airport as of October 2013.

Passengers enter the security area at Austrian Star Alliance Terminal through the world’s highest-resolution photographic wall. In cooperation with Ars Electronica Austrian presents a world sensation - The gigapixel project! An impressive 165 46-inch full HD displays tower to a height of more than nine meters and a width of more than fifteen meters. The gigapixel presentation is composed of five ultra-high resoultuion images made by the Austrian photographer Lois Lammerhuber.The photographs were taken from the 61st floor of the Rockefeller Center on a balcony with a special wind protection. You can enjoy the masterpiece at the Austrian Star Alliance Terminal 3.

There are between 150 and 200 sales trolleys in action every day on Austrian non-EU flights all over the globe. Our fly&buy brochures offer a wide range of various items for sale for every taste and pocket. When selecting our product range we focus on goods from Austrian companies with new items being introduced to the fly&buy magazine twice a year. Wristwatches, the camera watch, cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, confectionary, children’s toys, KuliCam Spy Pen, Swarowski Crystalline ballpoint pen – just to name few. Austrian: shopping is in the air!

Up to 4000 aircraft operate within Austrian airspace every day. Over 300 air traffic controllers in cooperation with 700 other employees at Austro Control are guiding the aircraft to ensure safety of the nation’s airspace. One of the control points is located at Vienna Airport - a distinguishable 109-meter high tower. The local air traffic controllers monitor all the air trafiic both in the air and on the ground, such as taxiing, landing and departing aircraft. However, not only air traffic controllers, but also the employees of Austro Control Aviation Meteorology work in the tower to provide seamless weather observations and forecasts.

Austrian has six extensive lounges, comprising 2000m2 in all, awaiting you in the Austrian Star Alliance Terminal, all equipped with modern furnishings, all with a typical Austrian flair and a view of the apron.

Austrian Airlines offers perfect connections between all Austria´s regional airports and the rest of the world. It takes no more than 25 minutes to change planes.

You can enjoy up to 330 hours of entertainment on Austrian long-haul flights! The most recent motion pictures, audio channels, games, information, shopping and e-reading material guarantee nonstop in-flight entertainment pleasure which shorten flying time, whether in the Economy or in the Business Class