Service Charge

In an effort to maintain and improve the high-value quality of its ticketing services, Austrian Airlines levies a ‘Ticket Service Charge’ for issuing a ticket in Switzerland.

 Online bookings  Service charge 
 depending on fare level  CHF 0.- bis CHF 30.-

 Booking via callcenter Service charge 
 Europe  CHF 40.-
 Intercontinental  CHF 90.-

Whenever you make your booking online, you will pay less than when you book through
the CallCenter, a city office or at the airport!

You can travel far more economically by booking online!

 Further service charges  Service charge
 Rebooking online  CHF 20.-
 Rebooking via callcenter  CHF 50.-
 Refund  CHF 50.-

All charges apply per person. Austrian Airlines General Conditions of Carriage apply.

If you have any queries about the Ticket Service Charge, please contact the
Internet Helpdesk on +43 (0)5 1766 1001.