Ticket Service Charge


In an effort to maintain and improve the high-value quality of its ticketing services, Austrian Airlines levies a 'Ticket Service Charge' for issuing a ticket in Albania.

The following charges are levied for these services: 

 Economy Class Europe Flights    EUR 30 / per ticket  
 Economy Class Intercontinental Flights  EUR 45 / per ticket
 Business Class Europe Flights  EUR 60 / per ticket
 Business Class Intercontinental Flights  EUR 90 / per ticket
 Reissue  EUR 10 / per ticket
 Excess Baggage Charge          EUR 10 / per person

Book online and save money!

Whenever you make your booking online, you will pay less than when you book through our office or at the airport. You can travel far more economically by booking online!

Ticket Service Charge for ticket purchased online to any destination is EUR0.