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Ticket Service Charge

Austrian Airlines charges fees when ordering a ticket via call center, in the ticket office or at the airport.

Order online and save money!

The fee is fixed and depends on the ticket type and how it is ordered.

If you purchase your e-ticket (etix®):

  Europe/Middle East and longhaul




If you purchase a ticket:

Via our Call Center, 
 ticket office or airport
 E-ticket (etix®) Europe  250 DKK
 E-ticket (etix®) International  400 DKK

Save money when ordering a ticket online!

Overview of other fees: 

 Overview of fees
 Online rebooking     10 EUR / person
 Rebooking    35 EUR / person
 Reissue   35 EUR / person
 Refund   35 EUR / person
 Fees for overweight/baggage (per passenger)    10 EUR / person 
 Abo Ticket issue  100 EUR / person
 Preparation of the Electronic Visa (charged per passenger)   30 EUR / person
The fares refer to Austrian Airlines  general conditions of carriage.

If you have questions about ticket fees, contact our Internet Helpdesk: +43 5 1766 1001.

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