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Service Charge

In an effort to maintain and improve the high-value quality of its ticketing services, Austrian Airlines levies a ‘Ticket Service Charge’ for issuing a ticket in Austria.

Book online and save money!

The level of the Ticket Service Charge is staggered and depends upon the type of service.

You purchase your electronic ticket (etix®):
 Online Booking Charge

booking class B, Y, C, D, J, P and Z

EUR 10

all other fares and Economy Saver combinations


payment method Direct E-Banking always


Click here to book online.  

You purchase your ticket at:

Call Center, a city ticket office or an airport ticket office Charge
Electronic Ticket (etix®)

EUR 45

Whenever you make your booking online, you will pay less than when you book through
the CallCenter, a city office or at the airport! You can travel far more economically by booking online! 

Here you find information about charges for bookings and rebookings in other countries.

Information on other Charges

The following charges are levied for these services Charge per Person
Online Revalidation

EUR 15


EUR 35


EUR 35


EUR 35*

Excess Baggage Charge (per Passenger)

EUR 15

Abo Ticket Issue

EUR 100

Austrian Airlines General Conditions of Carriage apply.

* No service charge will be levied for the refund of taxes and charges, if the refund is made for reasons outside the sphere of the passenger.

Here you find information about charges for bookings and rebookings in other countries.

If you have any queries about the Ticket Service Charge, please contact the
Internet Helpdesk on +43 5 1766 1001.