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02.10.2015: winter flight programme to Russian Federation

As of 25. October Austrian Airlines will switch to winter schedule. Programme of flights to Russian Federation will be reviewed as follows:

Flights Vienna-St. Petersburg will be suspended for the period 25. October 2015 - 24. April 2016.

Vienna-Moscow route will be served up to twice daily:

Vienna-Moscow OS 601 10:00 14:50
Vienna-Moscow OS 605 20:40 01:25+1 (Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat)

Moscow-Vienna OS 606 07:55 08:50 (Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun)
Moscow-Vienna OS 602 15:35 16:35

Flights Vienna-Krasnodar will be performed 5 times weekly (except Tuesdays and Thursdays).

18. November 2014: Austrian Airlines suspends flights Vienna-Rostov and Vienna-Kharkiv in 2014-2015 winter schedule

Affected flights:
OS659 / 660 until March 28, 2015
except for dates: 19,21,22, 26-29 December
and 02-05, 07, 09-12, 14, 16-17 of January.

OS751 / 752 until March 28, 2015
except for dates: 19,21,22,26,28,29 December
and 02.03, 09-12 January.

Additional Information:

Passengers automatically rebooked on departure/arrival from/to the airport of Krasnodar. Possible departure/arrival from/to the airport Domodedovo/Moscow.
Austrian Airlines will reimburse the cost of travel between Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar on buses or trains.

Passengers automatically rebooked on departure/arrival from/to airport Boryslpil/Kiev.
It is also possible departure / arrival from to the airport Dnipropetrovsk.
Austrian Airlines will reimburse the cost of travel between Kharkiv and Kiev by bus or train.

24. October 2014: partial cancellation of flights to Rostov and Kharkiv

Austrian Airlines partically cancelled its Vienna-Rostov and Vienna-Kharkiv flights within winter schedule 2014-15.

Flights affected:
ROV - 04.Nov – 30.Nov 2014
HRK – 08.Nov – 30.Nov 2014

Additional Info:
Passenger booked to ROV, have been automatically rebooked to/from Moscow/Domodedovo.
Austrian will provide free air transportation to/from Moscow on other carrier.
Passengers booked to HRK, have been automatically rebooked to/from Kyiv/Boryslpil.
Austrian will provide free air transportation to/from Kyiv on other carrier.

08. August 2014: Online Voting Russian Business Travel & MICE Award

Austrian Airlines is nominated for the Russian Business Travel & MICE Award-2014 in the category "Best Airline for business travelers." Public online voting for nominees awards Russian Business Travel & MICE Award - 2014 started on June 16 and will end on September 15.

Professional award Russian Business Travel & MICE Award in the field of business tourism and MICE established by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the magazine Business Travel, Internet portal Conference.ru. In 2014, the prize will be awarded for the fifth time.

Learn more about Russian Business Travel & MICE Award (in Russian).

08. August 2014: flights to/from Rostov in September-October

The construction work at ROV Airport has been postponed into the year 2015. Therefore flights to/from ROV have been reinstalled during the period September 8th 2014 until October 24th 2014.

For passengers booked on flights VIE-KRR or KRR-VIE, during the above specified period of time, one Rebooking to VIE-ROV or ROV-VIE within same RBD free of charge may be offered.

The rebooking may also be done +/- 1 day of the original departure.

04. June 2014: Temporary airport closure Rostov in September-October

Due to runway repairs at Rostov airport which leads to closure, respectively heavily reduced operation of the airport we are forced to cancel our flights OS 659/660 during the period September 8th 2014 until October 24th 2014. Flights will be taken out of CRSs on June 3rd 2014.

Passengers shall be rebooked on flights VIE-KRR or KRR-VIE.

Cost compensation for public transport between ROV and KRR will be granted. Arriving Passengers shall refer to our staff at KRR.

Passengers who are not willing to be rebooked to KRR are entitled to refund their ticket.

Our call-centers worldwide.

06. May 2014: Use of Electronic Devices during the Entire Flight

Starting on May 1, 2014, Austrian Airlines passengers will be permitted to use their light electronic devices on board, also during takeoff and landing. The rule applies to all Austrian Airlines routes and is valid for smart phones, tablets, notebooks and other electronic devices with a maximum weight of one kilogram. As of this day, the devices may remain switched without interruption during the entire time on board. The pre-requisite is that all transmitting functions must be deactivated, and the device must be kept in flight mode.

18. March 2014: New terminal at St. Petersburg airport

The first day of operation of the new terminal of Pulkovo Airport (T1) will be March 20, 2014. Please mind, that OS637/19MAR VIELED will arrive to T1, consequently OS611/OS612/020MAR and all OS flights onwards then will operate from the new T1.

09. January 2014: Information about liquids transportation

Due to Russia’s aviation authorities instructions, many airports in Russia implemented additional measures to ensure aviation security: all liquids, gels and sprays including personal-care products are not allowed for transportation in hand baggage (even if the volume does not exceed 100ml) and have to be put in checked baggage.

Medicines and products which provide life support of a passenger may be left in carry-on baggage after their identification by the airport Aviation Security Service using necessary facilities and equipments.

These restrictions will be in place at least until 21. March 2014. Due to longer queues at security checks we advice all passengers to arrive to the airport well in advance.

11. December 2013: Working hours of Austrian call-center on holidays

Please mind reduced working hours of Austrian call-center in Russia (phone +7 495 995-0-995) during national holidays:
11.00-19.30 - on 31. December & 06-07. January,
14.00-18.00 - on 01. January.

On other dates, our call-center will service you during normal working hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 22:00,
Sat-Sun: 11:00 - 19:30.

03. December 2013: Switch of flights to new Terminal at Pulkovo airport delayed

Please be informed that switch of OS flights to the new Terminal of Pulkovo airport (St. Petersburg) is delayed until further notice. All flights will be performed to/from Terminal 2 as usual.

26. November 2013: Retiming of OS flights to/from KRR due to airport closure

Due to airport closure of KRR (06:00-16:00 LT) in the period of 27 NOV 2013 to 10 DEC 2013, OS KRR flights have to be retimed as follows:

OS607 VIE-KRR 10:10-16:00 (local time)
OS608 KRR-VIE 17:00-17:10 (local time)

All connections for VIE-KRR are granted and not affected.

In case of misconnex in VIE resulting from the late arrival of the
KRR-VIE leg please observe the following rebooking priorities:

1) Rebooking on next available OS flight out of Vienna.
2) Rebooking on Rostov-Vienna instead of KRR-VIE possible. Costs of transportation have to be borne by the passenger. In that case indemnity form needs to be signed by the passenger.

You can check status of your flight here.

Check contacts of Austrian Airlines in Russia.

21. November 2013: New terminal at St. Petersburg airport

The first day of operation of the new terminal of Pulkovo Airport (T1) will be December 7, 2013. Please mind, that OS637/06DEC VIELED will arrive to T1, consequently OS611/OS612/07DEC and all OS flights onwards then will operate from the new T1.

01. November 2013: Suspension of service at Airport office in Krasnodar

As of 04. November issuance and reissuance of tickets at Austrian Airport office in Krasnodar will be suspended.
New working hours of Austrian Airport office will be 13:00-18:00.
You can purchase tickets, change your existing ticket via Austrian call-centers.

04. April 2013: Fly from Moscow to Austria for just 10,000 Miles & More miles

A great opportunity for you to take a trip to Vienna, thermal lakes of Karintien or other beautiful and cozy corners of Austria. Until 30. June you can fly from Moscow to Vienna, Klagenfurt, Salzburg, Graz, Linz or Innsbruck for just 10,000 Miles & More miles instead of usual 30,000. This limited offer is valid for online reservations.

Go to Miles & More bargains.

01. April 2013: extra frequencies to St. Petersburg and Rostov

With the beginning of summer schedule Austrian Airlines increases amount of flights to St. Petersburg and Rostov.

Flights to St. Petersburg now performed twice per day:

Vienaa-St. Petersburg daily:
OS611 10:15 14:55
OS637 22:45 03:25

St. Petersburg-Vienna daily:
OS638 05:20 06:05
OS612 15:50 16:35

Flights to Rostov are now performed on daily basis:

OS659 09:50 14:40

OS660 15:40 16:40

19. March 2013: malfunction of online ticket sales on 19. March

Due to migration to the new fares grid on 19. March our online ticket sales may experience temporary malfunction.
We apologize for any inconveniences. After migration will be completed, we will be able to offer to our customers optimized fares as well as many new specials to popular destinations in Europe.

06. March 2013: try our new austrian.com and get 1000RUB discount


We've just finished a face-lift for Austrian web page and would like to welcome you there: we invite you to purchase tickets on our web page with 1000 RUB discount for flight from Russia to any Austrian destination during 06-08MAR. Just insert word VESNA into Voucher/promo code field on the main page.
We wish you a sunny spring and great journeys!

19. February 2013: second daily flight Vienna-St. Petersburg

As of 31. March 2013 Austrian Airlines will launch its second daily flight between Vienna and St. Petersburg. New schedule will be:

Vienna-St. Petersburg daily:
OS611 10:15 14:55
OS637 22:45 03:25

St. Petersburg-Vienna daily:
OS638 05:20 06:05
OS612 15:50 16:35

Thanks to double daily frequency, we will offer excellent connections to and from detinations in USA, Canada, Asia and Middle East.

Check our offers from St. Petersburg.

12. February 2013: a great reason to gift a ticket

Still haven't considered about a gift for St. Valentines Day? Let us give you a good reason to gift a romantic journey to your nearest and dearest. During 12-14. February first 200 customers, who type ROMANTIC in the field "Voucher" on main page will get discount RUB 1,000 from the end-price of their purchase. Discount is valid for round-trip journeys with Austrian Airlines originating Russia.

01. January 2013: new ticketing service at St. Petersburg airport

As of 01. January all ticketing services for Austrian Airlines flights are provided on the joint Lufthansa Group Service Desk, located in the departure area of Pulkovo-2 terminal. New working hours are 12:45 - 20:00 daily.

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