Check-in of Austrian passengers at the Airport Prague

Austrian passengers are checked-in in Terminal 2 as follows:

Economy Class passengers make use of self check-in machines and their baggage is checked-in at the counters 242 - 243 signed "drop-off"

Business Class passengers are checked-in at the counters 240 - 241.

The last check-in is 45 min. before the departure.


Crystal Business Lounge for Austrian passengers at the Airport Prague

Austrian Airlines passengers can make use of Crystal Business Lounge at the Prague Airport Ruzyně as of 1.1.2011.

Entry Conditions:

  • Passengers travelling in Business Class (Class C, D, J, Z, I ) on OS flights from Prague.  
  • Passengers HON Circle, SEN and Star alliance Gold members travelling on OS  flights from/to  Prague.  
  • Star alliance Silver card members ( Frequent Traveller ) departing in Business Class on OS flight number from Prague.  

Hon Circle, SEN, Star Alliance Gold are entitled to invite one guest. Their guests need also same day boarding pass on Austrian Airlines flight from Prague.   

Without the visa to the U.S.A.

The citizens of the Czech Republic travelling to the U.S.A. for less then 90 days can travel without the visa.

How to travel without the visa?

1) apply for  issue of a biometric passport

2) fill in the Application ESTA

APIS-informations through Austrian Web Check-in:

According to the law the airlines have to give to the american authorities the informations about passengers travelling to the U.S.A. through APIS (Advance Passenger Information System).

Is concerned:

  • passport
  • country and permanent stay
  • first address in the U.S.A: street, number, city, state in the U.S.A., ZIP code

It is possible to give these data through the Austrian Web Check-in.