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From March 1st 2011, Austrian services are operated from Lufthansa office in Tel Aviv.

Important Telephone Numbers:

Reservation & Ticketing

 180 - 937 - 1 - 937 (Toll free number for calls from Israel)

Groups Department

E-mail:       TLV.GROUPS@DLH.DE
Fax:           03-6825622

Customer Relations 
Contact Form

Telephone: 03-5135366
Fax:           03-6825623 

Telephone: 03-5135353
Fax:           03-6825622

When purchasing your ticket through Austrian Airlines' Customer Service Center or via our website, we will collect Ticket Service Charge according to the following table:

Destination   Class                   Fee               
 Europe  Economy  $10
 Europe  Business  $50
 Other Destinations  Economy  $10
 Other Destinations  Business  $50