Abo Tickets

The new cost-effective solution for Business Class passengers!

Do you frequently travel on the same domestic routes?

If so, then Austrian Airlines has come up with a more cost-effective way for you to travel: the AboTicket. AboTicket is a package of ticket coupons, all of which are valid on a specified route (OS flights only) and which are reduced in price. The size of the reduction varies depending on the number of coupons in the package. To qualify for the reduction, you simply purchase a full package of coupons, enabling you to fly more cheaply on your chosen route for the next year.

ABO coupons are:

  • Business Class tickets (Economy Class only available for Innsbruck)
  • which can be used flexibly
  • to fly in both directions on a route

AboTicket can be also used by more than one traveller in a company or organisation!

The routes currently available are as follows:

  • Vienna-Innsbruck (booking class C for Business; booking class B for Economy) - valid for 2 years

Coupon-Number (C)Coupon number reduction*
20 Coupons 5,0%
50 Coupons 7,5%
100 Coupons 10,0%
200 Coupons 15,0%
*The reduction is on the valid Business Class fare.

 Coupon-Number (B)

  Coupon number reduction* 
50 Coupons 4,0%
100 Coupons 6,0%
200 Coupons 10,0%
400 Coupons 15,0%
600 Coupons 20,0%
*The reduction is on the valid Economy Class fare.

  • Vienna-Salzburg (bookingclass C) - valid for 1 year
  • Vienna-Klagenfurt (bookingclass C)  - valid for 2 years
  • Vienna-Linz (bookingclass C) - valid for 1 year
  • Vienna-Graz (bookingclass C) - valid for 1 year

Coupon-NumberCoupon number reduction*
20 Coupons 5,0%
50 Coupons 7,5%
100 Coupons 10,0%
200 Coupons 12,5%
400 Coupons 15,0%
*The reduction is on the valid Business Class fare. 

One-time Ticket service charge: for each package we charge EUR 100,00 once. No additional costs apply for the booking of bought coupons.

How does AboTicket work?

How to order AboTicket and book flights online via AirManager:

Ordering AboTicket:

  • You register your details in AirManager (if you haven’t already done so in the past),
  • click on ‘Buy Abo’ to select your preferred AboTicket and enter your payment details. (You have the choice of paying by credit card or being invoiced.)
  • You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail.
  • As soon as we have received your payment (or your credit card has been charged), you will be cleared for booking. You will again receive a confirmaiton by e-mail.

Booking with AboTicket:
You log onto AirManager, select your preferred Abo and click on ‘Book Abo’. You enter your flight details and choose your flights.

  • You complete your details where necessary and complete the booking.
  • When checking in you recieve a passenger receipt together with your boarding pass. This passenger recipt is your payment confirmation. Please keep this passenger receipt for your own records.

Rebooking and cancelling AboTicket:

You can rebook and cancel your AboTicket online as long as your ticket hasn’t yet been issued. The ticket is issued approximately 12 hours prior to departure. To change your booking after this time, or if you have any other queries, please contact our
ABO Helpdesk between 08.00 and 18.00 from Monday to Friday on the following number:

Tel: 051766 1003

E-Mail: Abo@austrian.com

AboTicket Terms and Conditions

To read the precise Terms and Conditions for using AboTicket, please click here.